Little Plates

Opera de Foie Gras
French Opera with  Mousse of Foie Gras,
Coffee Essence, Chocolate and Spices
Recordando Venezuela
Venezuela’s Tequeños in  Puff Pastry
filled with Bonao Cheese

Guinea Hen Samosas
Accompanied by Yoghurt Sauce
and Habanero chiles

Fusión de Quipe de Atún
A Traditional Fresh Tuna Quipe served with
Mini Pitas, 
Onion And Fresh Mint
Satay of the Day
Grilled Skewers within Tomatoes
and Cilantro Based Baibi Sauce

Cargolade Escargots
A Dozen of Escargots Gratinated
in Garlic Butter, 
Parsely and Pernod